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Memorial Services

Memorial Services in New York

Celebrating a Life

One of the oldest human customs is to gather together at the death of a loved one:

  • to face the reality of the loss
  • to celebrate the contribution that person's life made to others
  • to be with supportive others -- family members, friends, co-workers

Creating and Officiating

I work with the family members (sometimes friends) planning the memorial service, to put together and coordinate a moving, inspiring ceremony. Each ceremony is unique. Some questions to think about:

  • Are there family members, friends, colleagues who would like to speak and who are comfortable doing so?
  • What does each person participating in the planning want to communicate through the ceremony about their loved one's life? What is the message each of you wants communicated?
  • Where and when will you hold the ceremony?
  • How much of your own or the person's religious traditions are meaningful to you? Do you want to adapt some, presenting them with more humanistic meaning? What do you not want to include?
  • Who do you want to be there, to make the ceremony meaningful to you and to those who also cared about your loved one?


Because memorial services are usually performed on short notice, my availability is less reliable than it might be for a wedding ceremony scheduled many months in advance. If I'm not available, I can give you some other names of officiants who may be able to help at the time you need the services.


Because the circumstances and needs vary, fees are difficult to set before I know the circumstances. For a typical 1-hour ceremony, within 90 minutes of Brooklyn, with two meetings with the family, and some family members or friends speaking, my fee is usually in the range of $300-$600.

Want to know more, or set up a meeting?

Email me to arrange to talk over what your needs are, and to see if we have a "good fit" for working together: Contact Form

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